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Wednesday10:25 AM
I miss good night and good morning and good afternoon msg very very much. It feels like my life is soo empty gitu. Haish. Yes. There is some guys contacting me. Bt ya im just nt bothered to rply. Why? Because thy have gt themself a gf. Or thy just wan me to fill up their empty life. Or ya thy like me. Bt sry,im very fussy. I dont just contact wif anione. I have gt a whole list of my dream guy features. Bt sumhw i think i can nvr gt it. Hmm. Come,i list down. Heheh>.<. I want tall guy. Easy to find. :) i want those whu play soccer. I find tht kind of guy soo hawt. :) ya. I want a hawt guy. Indeed i have come across this hawt guy. And he is such a swit talker. And i love swit talker. ^.^ wells, it ease my pain ya see. If this guy really sound me. Omg. I feel like im on top of the world. Hehehe. K dream on. Lolzx. Ahh. Actually i just want a guy best friend. Tht can actually be able to clarify my doubt. Abt wat happened to me. :/ haish. Wtv. Come , show me tht true guy exist. :)
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Tuesday7:48 AM
helo halo :) i love today very much. due the pple i was chatting wif in fb. thy made my day. heheh. its because thy kinda made me frgt all the pains im suffering. idk. sumtimes its beta to chat wif those whu dun knw you. lagi mulia. and this guy i chatted wif. is kinda hawt>.< k wtf myra. bt indeed he is. heheh. and yes, girls suck very much. because thy easily fall fer a guy. boooo. and tht is soo me. :( argh. wtf. heheh. aniways, he is sumhw like the guy whu gt my dream guy feature. and omg, i swear he is soo cool :) ah, wtf myra. heheh
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{out to bugis/}
Sunday10:37 AM
hi :) semalam, saturday. wake up at 2pm. soo shiock >.< at 3, there was class outing. i wanna goO. but, members tkder, boring. pfft. soo, i skipped the outing. :/ watch hindi till 6. and siap-ed to mit feey:) mwt her at J.E quite late at6.45. mintk kene maki pls. heheh. went to bugis. in th train, i gave her the birthday present. glad n luck v much she love it! heheh. oh yes, i gave her a pink billabong wallet. :) upon arriving bugis, as usual, bugiss street. in my mind, there is soo many things i wanna. but, heh, save money pls. lucky she hadnt got her pay. if not, al the money would be gone liao. hahah. had our late night dinner at mcd. wif a lot of things to gossip of as usual. heade home around 10.30. actually, wantd to head down to scape aftr tht. but,since no mny kan, balik tdo pun cantik >.< sedih. arrived home around 12 wif no one at hm. sad. buhh. feeyana, nxt gaji turun yok! soo many things in mind. heheh.
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Thursday3:44 AM
hi, ysterday. metup wif aisya n ayrie dekat westmall. we went to had our lunch at kfc. and oh, ayrie was like treating us. :/ evnthou rejected, still nak belanja. -_- mintak kene maki pls. ahh, k, wateva. then headed to my hm. wells, it was aisya first time. and, masa itu, ade my uncle. aha, and thy both were like -- seram pe pakcik kau. macam garang je. aku takot ah nak masok. hahahhaha. lolzx. and soo, lucky us, my uncle went out after tht. andthy were like complimemting him -___________- tu aku benci tu. hahha. family aku pantang kene puji pls. mcm aku. ceh, aku tak. k wtv. and ohh, my hse kecik, i knw. bt actually, i m not ashamed abt that. Wells,its a one room flat. Sape kesah. Janji rumah.i have taste wats it like to live a big house. Before this,my house was a 6 room flat. Aha. So, i dun mind now. At least i hav gt wat i wan in there. A 32 inch tv, a hp com, scv. Soon, ps3. Syukur alhamdulilah. :)
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{bieber fever :)/}
3:30 AM
nah. i like bieber liao! ceh. hahah. i mean, from now onwards, he isnt tht bad la k? dulu, mcm perempuan sikit. skg, da man. ceh. wtf. this song is very well done pls!


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{out wif iqah :)/}
Tuesday4:10 AM
Hi. yesterday, 21 march , met dearest iqah :) we mit up at tampinese as planned.she bought fer her supervisor baby gift. as usual, kita jumpa selalu kene makan. ceh. and soo, we headed to pastamania to fill our dearest stomach. and trust me, kita dua kpo to the max pls. ape org sebelah kita makan pun nak tau. sampai sanggup curink receipt drg. hahha. wtf. org kpo je buat keje gila. buhh. next, headed to marina square. and this girl, really nid to control her spending. hahah. seriusly, we went to diva and she was like wanting to buy 3 stuff which cost 32 dole. pfft. luckily, she got staff discount. then i saw this ring, vey lawar, and was like only 10 doler. tapi, tkder saiz. sedih pe hidup -_- takper, dia suroh mira save duit. and soo, headed to fox, and she bought some stuff fer her cusin. upon arriving marina sq, kita bau popcorn, sedap pe bau dia. and soo,iqah beli :) tsk, sedap tu sdp. tapi sng haus. hahah. k kita senang haus n lapar kut. around 6pm, we headed to bugis. aha, tempat berhantu untuk kita dua. :) we will spent alot there. first thing, headed to cotton on, she bought a blouse. nxt, bugs stret, i bought a skirt. like finally, a long skirt. aha. jalan2, bbl2, chitchat^2, then da pukul 9. dua2 hp dah memekak, mintak diangkat. bermakna, pegi balik. hahaha. reached home @ 11pm. and ohh, i love iqahh. she havent change since the past two yers i knw her. :) kenape kita tak same poly ke. sedih ah mira tkder members. :/
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4:04 AM
hi, skola da nak strt. mira takot can? ceh wtf. but betol. tkder budak yang myra kenal pun masuk tp. sedih pe:/ pfft. went tp fr two times alr. all the budak2 mcm besar. then im like kecik oni. semer ade gaya poly. then im like bdk sec sesat pat sana. ehh sedih pe. abe lagi design school. alalala. hidup sedih pe mira. nampak gaya, 1st day skola kene senyum, lebar2. dan important sekali jangan stare org mcm nak mkn. alalala, stress la. ceh. wtf. ah counting down to 18 april. :(

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Wednesday9:33 AM
Hi. :/ today, i spent my whole day at home. and tht literaly meant tht i browsed facebook, fr quite a long time. and guess wat? i found out tht this some sort of close friend of mine smokes. ok, in this modern era, who cares kan? but, nope. dia lain. dia, i mean, selalu kutuk org rokok. and wow, she did. worse still, i found out tht anoder someone who is once my best friends, smokes too. woow. how everyone change, in an instant. wells, i just met them. and i thought thy wouldnt be bothered wif ciggies. woo, amazing. and guess wat, she drinks too. wow. grt achievement pls. -_- i think, if i were to mit them and advice them, thy will probably be giving me this look. -____________- hahaha. and thts of course gonna piss me off. so, myra dudok diam2 sudah. bt sadly, i cant. im soo concern abt them. ah wtf. myra, mind your own bussines. :(
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{fake best friends/}
Monday12:18 PM
Hi. Sometimes i just dont believe in best fren. I mean sometimes pple mistook the meaning. And, it sucks. Wen , maybe our own best friend hate us or find us irritatink. The feeling sucks, trust me. I faced tht a few times actually. Pfft. This soneone whom consider ourself best friend shud nt even exist in my life. I mean ya, she is too pre-occupied wif her own life. Senang ckp, dia pentingkn diri sendiri. Bila dia perlukan pertolongan,fuh,bermcm2 drama. Bt, wen i ask her fr a small help,its like asking her to give me 0ne thousand doler. -_- serius. and i dun really like going out wif her anymore. :/ mcm da tkder bestfriend nya feel ah. and wen she is out wif me, ahe is like otp-ing wif her bf. i mean, comon, she is meeting me, yet she spent most of her time talking on the fone? wtf la k. noope, im never jealous. i have got beta things to envy of la. and oh, somehow or rather, i think, she is trying to piss me off by talking to her bf. merepek -______- aku tkder feeling pun la. buhh
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{best romantic comedy movies :)/}
Wednesday9:20 AM
argh, best la ! tgk cerita gini trus da tak stress. ceh. treatment to relieve stress-nah tgk crita cinta. huhu. loves:)
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{first time main kite :)/}
8:51 AM
hi! i forgot to update la last two week. -_- hahah, da basi. k wtv. last 2 week was my first time, main kite :) actually, tkder niat pun. wells, i dun play kite. bt, my brother like suddenly ajak. apa lagi. ikot la. wif his gf and cus. :)oh, we are all first timer actually. so, tkder kite.bila kdai da nak tutup, cepat2 kita beli kite. beli budak2 nya plaq tu -_- k wtv, kite jgak pe. headed to marina barrage pukul 11 gitu. and yes, banyak org as always. and kite orang semer lawa2, ade lampu. kita, toy story -_- eh cute pe. ceh. and oh, kite abg banyak kali terlepas, jatoh dlm air. kite myra maintain je pat atas. ceh abe hepi. lol. k wtv. were there till 1.30. as bsknya, drg keje plus sekolah. headed to mcd gombak. home-4am. alq tros tdo. besok nya bgn mcm kej berdiri gitu. da nak dekat ptg baru bgn -_-. k wtv. ohh, gonna make kite our new hobby. next stop-kite flying wif friends , pls :)
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{Body shop :)/}
7:50 AM
hi! on the 8 march- i have started working! yeah. back to my nrmal routine. bgn, mandi, keje, mkn, balik, mkn, tido. =.= pfft. aniways, am soo lucky tht i actually strt work at 4 on tht day :) as in the morning, i have to go fr my mediacl chck up :/ menyusahkan sungguh! went wif ayrie, spent an hr there. and ohh, im soo sad. my height is like - 153cm jer. dulu-160cm. bole challenge2 lagi dgn members. haish. abs ah, da tk bole jadi air-stewardas. hancur impian. tkpr uh, da takdir. :/ bukan myra mintak pun penyakit tu :( k wtv. tkya pedih2 la. then, headed to mac. ate lunch. waited fer napi fr 30 minit -_- da la bgn lambat. grr. had a small talk wif them. and headed home around 2. siap2, pegi keje :) location-jurong point. dekat sungguh! yeay. and oh, thy were all very friendly. suka la. supervisor and manager sudah mcm motivator.:) and oh, their expectation towards me mcm high gitu. err. and ohh, kene memorize ingrdient, fucntion smer sey. sedeh pe. tak cukup o-level. -_- k wth. ohh, niari keje, besok n lusa off! best kan. heheh. friday keje-12 hingga 4 je. yeay! :)
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7:27 AM
hi. were supposed to mit iqah to go ecp on the 5th. have alr dress up and stuffs, and were abt to go out. sekali, dia kata orang yg organize event tu meninggal. sedeh pe :( . hmm. takdir tuhan. soo, ape lagi. trus tuka baju, tido balik. tapi kesiian jugak kat iqah. dia nak sgt pegi. hahha, tkper, dia da biase ah last minit kene paitau. ceh. went to scape. and oh, bole ckp eh mcm setengah budak fuchun dekat sana -_- tak kelaka sia tu. nak jalan pun tak tenang je. ohh,firstly i saw remy n the geng. rindu dia. :( k wtv. went home, around 10. teevee, makan, sleep. k no life.
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{badae dia :)/}
7:15 AM
28 february 2011--met feeyana after her work ended. as usual, we met at jurong point. since the day before was her badae, she wanted to went on a shopping free. and yea, she did buy a few stuffs. :) nie orang blanja, tk bole control -_- stess. pfft. ah, then we headed to sakura:) and yes,she was the one who paid fer it. i felt soo bad. ceh. :/ bt, nehmind. sekal sekale je kan? heheh. naa, will be treating her once i got my pathetic pay. aniways, i hope she did had a grt badae celebration:)
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{i guess, the game is over huh , dude/}
Friday11:24 PM
Hi dude. I have nvr anticipated this frm you. Idk. Wat i knw is,i have got over you. *clap hand* yeah! Durh, other things are more imp than having this hanging relationship. We are getting no wer. Maybe you shud just go on wif whoever tht girl is.idk her name. later i spell wrongly. -_- Ya, she is wayy beta than me huh. Sincerely, i think you and her are much more compatible. Unlike us. Hahah. Wtv. I shouldnt think abt this aniway. After our fcking conversation yesterday evening, i have lost trust in u. And im like dun even u. And im like confused wif myself y in earth i did fall fr you. Idk. You have change or maybe, u didnt even change. Maybe tht was ur real attitude. Whoo. Idk.and im nt bothered to find the ans. And ohh, ur sarcasm, bole tahan ehh.buhh. Bt, wells, at least u did txt me huh after tht. Oh, bt no apology. Bt its okay dude,i forgive u aniways. Sebabnya myra rasa tak senang kalau sentiasa bingit nan seseorg. Trust me, feeling nya sungguh tak enak. Thus, ya i forgave ya dude . In case u dun knw, ur msg to me was rude. And oh, ade maki lagi . Pfft. K tkper. Its over. Im alright liao. Crita da abs:) yeahz. And i have even acceptd ur request. Wells small matter je. :) k la. Enuf abt guys and love . Tts the last fr this year. Heheh. :) myra , pelajaran is like way more important :)

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{Feb sucks big time/}
Wednesday9:07 AM
helloo! february have ended. and , its alr march. and, its like soo fast. and, its like why? pfft. k, strait to the point, i hate february , please :( betol~i hate feb. pfft. naa, i never said tht life sucks. bt, i hate the journey tht we have to go thru sumtimes. :/ k cut short. im thankful to ALLAH as my cusin does not need to go to boys hme. yes, terima kasih. kalau tak, myra loner dlm hidup nie. in terms of money, i guess, i dun really have got any problem. im surviving well, with my past salary. in terms of luck, i have no problem. each time, i went fr job intervw and job hunting, its succesful. i got the job. and i thank god fer all tht. in terms of other things, it sucks. sucks like really. :/ and yes, i have made mistake in shoving him off my life. bt stupiid me. as days passed by, i realize, i love him. fck me pls. pfft. naa, its march alr myra. move on beb! yes, i will. just give me time, and most imp, strength. im tired alr in maintaining the hepi myra. i may collapse, anytime .:/ wells, no one understand my plight. its hard to find sumone whu is in my plight. msia banyak ah. -_- k wtf.
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{selamat hari jadi :)/}
8:53 AM
hi. 27 feb ( badae feey). yeah! hepi her. happy , happy birthday! she is one of my bestest fren. yeap. we always mit up due to last minit plan. and she nvr dissapoint me, always wee. and most importantly, she is my shopping partner. like always!love plus syang dia. sbb dia la salah satu kawan myra yang tak berubah dari dulu. *wink* k mit her like real soon. gonna give her badae present too. hepi 18th badae beb! :) *above pic:most fav :) *
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