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~20 july babe, and im proud of my mum fer bringing me up,alone:") ~attached & belongs to the best xx ~i have suffer too many setback. bring it on. i will stay strong P3221562-horz eee d f e w

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{meet my other half , my straw to my berry/}
Thursday12:24 PM
Mark my word _ we gonna last long like really long till akhir hayat. as long as i love him and he love me. he wont leave me and neither will i. yes i know i brag alot. u know i only brag wen its comes to him. he always treat me right. he treats me like one princess. he scolds me every five minit and would then kiss me and everything would be alright. he would scold me fr all the stupid things i done and never ever feel ashamed fr having a dumb gf like me. i admit im like a small girl sometimes but he still make me feel special. he would be contented wen i listen to him. he would feel contented wen i do something which he like. he would be laughing at himself looking at my silliness. he is happy. but watever it is his happiness is also my happiness. seeing him happy tell me tht i have succeed in becoming a good gf. i love him and i love myself. xoxo, thanks fr reading readers. call me crazy, but i love talking abt my bf 24/7. :)
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11:40 AM
lets do a recap on my r/s? yes? no? hehehhe watever im gonna do still. u know, my rs have been awesome. no im not lying nor am i bragging. im gonna brag now-our last major fight was on the 15 dec. hehehehe. thts like awesome like idk, like im just happy heheheh. my bf have been a good bf. he have been meeting me like evrytime he hav his free times. really glad and contented tht he hv been spending his time wif me. im so lucky as he had only one camp during december. i stilll remmber how badly i miss him wen he was away fr camp. hiak mcm maner klau ns eh sigh. this guy pampered me too much. thts y i can miss him tht easily. takper dia manjakan mira, mira sayang dia makin lebih. heheh. right aftr his camp, he had chalet, and he had event. after all tht, then we was like able to mit each other. like finally spent some time together. yes he is tired. like very tired. wif only 3 hrs of slept befre tht. but he still spent time wif me till night. how can i not love him? and he always make sure im fed well. hek. even wen we have no money, he'll try his best to like feed me. im like forever hungry. pity him :( and oh bf have met all my family members. heheheh, went to cikman workplace the other day. and cikman was like awesome heheh. thy even isap rokok togeder yay. then the day befre met mum fr lunch and stuffs. and the next day met aunt cukya fr izzad regristration. hehehhe cukya was awesome wif bf as well. hais positive attitude frm them really make me more paranoid actually. lol. hiak. now left brothr and mum. come gimme some hint. mira nak buat aliff sebagai suami tau. heh. sayangs dia xoxo
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11:32 AM
hi, its 3:30 am , friday morning, tgif. hehehhe today will be the last friday of 2011. :) i survived 2011 hek. basically i hav gt nothing to do now as......my movie have been removed fom youtube! i want cry hais. i love you all fr reading my dead blog eheheheh love love hug hug, bf is lepaking still. i dun knw wht to do. wht shud i blog abt. hmmmmm.....i think i knw wht i gonna blog abt. hek. stay tune. oh btw gg genting wif bf and fam next wik! nyum woop k gonna do more meaningful post. xoxo
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{happy 4th mnth sayang/}
Monday9:16 AM
helooooo. hehehehhehe its our 4th mnthsarry on the 5th of dec. yes, we are only 4th mnth. only 4th mnth, but ive given my heart wholeheartedly to him. simply because i trust him 110% and positivity is forever with me. doubt, suspicious, i tried to push all of tht thoughts. we managed to keep this rs gg fr 4 mnth. im sure we can go beyond this, up to 4 years and forever. in these 4 mnths, i have seen his worst attitude and also his sweetest side. each time i feel like giving up, i will remember how he is during our happy mmnts. november isnt a good mnth fr us. i mean its not good wen we fight frequently, almost 3-4 nights. to the extend of him initiating a breakup. to the extend of me almost giving up and initiated a break up too. yes we have reach tht stage alr. but with him as my bf, obviusly he wont even agree to my breaking up. he wont. he really love me. even wen im in the wrong, he would shoo away his ego. just so as we would be normal again. one of us will always be the water. and really, its nothing wrong wen one of us became the water.there come a period of time wen i rly thought tht this rs gonna be over. i rly dont want tht day too come. insya'Allah it wont. thou we have been fighting quite a lot during nov period, there comes a time wen he is excpetionally sweet too. yes. his good side. the reason why i stayed. the reason why i love him. the reason why im always happy. hehhehe. and the reason why my tweets is all abt him. heh. i remembered him showing up at my school a couple of time despite being tired. sukee. he will always try his best to entertain me despite being sleepy in the middle of the night. always tried to wait fr me to turn in together. but he would always tend to be asleep first. still, its the thoughts tht count. everytime im hungry, he would always try his best to treat me food. evn wen he is broke, he still tried his best. and when im craving fr certain food, we would gt it soon aftr. knowing tht i badly wanna watch breaking dawn, we still managed to cathched it in cinema. and wen im automatically reminded of tht jerk, he would always try his best to sooth me. he would always. he have never scold me or wt. once, he spent hrs straight just trying to calme and convince me abt this. and each time we fight. he wont just sleep and let the mattercontinue till the next day. he would make sure we are fine within tht few hours. pls tell me he is sucha good guy. yes i can see tht. he hasnt disappoint me in any way yet. uh, okay except once. tht too, i cant partly blamed him. and i have even frgt abt tht matter. he still deserved a scond chance yes. if i love him and he too, this lil things shudnt even bother us kan. aniways,posted this post three hr aftr our mnthsarry. feels so bad. :(( aniways, lets hope there will be lesser night fights between us. indeed it have lessen. its december alr. everything will be fine. hehehhe. 4mnths have been grt. gonna anticipate more of this rs. hek. sayang aliff haidar forever. oh and his bussniss have even improve, like really improve. hehehehe. and oh. exactly 59 days befre bf going ns. sigh. happy 4th mnthsarry to us.
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{cinema with bf/}
Friday12:32 AM
i have finally watched breaking dawn. hehehehehe happy2 girl. but why the ending like this. really cant wait fr part two. and tht would be mid of next year. tskkkkk. its okay sabar menanti ye. and tell me, im sucha lucky girl? yes? hehehhe. my bf went to watched breaking dawn with me, despite him hating the twilight saga. hek, but still he was the one who seems excited while watching the show. cute ,much. heheh. pls tell me i have a sweet bf. hehhehehe. we have watchced bad teacher, reel steel, smurf, 23:59, immortals, apple of my eye, breaking dawn and puss in boot together in cinemas . hehehehehhe :)))) breaking dawn part two cepat keluar la pls.
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{Nur Shamira. u heard her name, but not her storyy/}
Thursday11:46 PM
that girl up there, have learnt alot in life. really alot. she dare to admit tht she dont deserve to go thru some of these bullshits. but still, she is strong. she is still stong enuf to suffer all these setbacks. she keep calm, laugh, smile and love like there's no tommorw. but deep down inside, she is screaming in pain. no, she is not tht unlucky in life. she have a small happy family and a loving bf. friends? she dont believe in friends tht much. she have learnt too much. friends comes and go as when thy like. thy do remember her, yes, but in times of needs only. aniways, she dont mind abt all tht. when she is all alone, she will strt thinking abt why and how all these happened. indeed, she have no control over all these. but somtimes, she hope she could forget everything. yes everything. if she can pop a pill and make her forget everything, she would. but no, she is not tht selfish. she still have an understanding mum and brother and also her supportive boyfriend. she know tht her mum and brother is depending alot on her for a better future. she will work hard fr them. she will. but, she just cant stop thinking as to why this need to happen. try to imagine mira, if he hadnt occur in ur life and destroy ur life, u wouldnt be like this. you wont. you will be a happy girl with just a lil ups and downs. but why must he occur? why? why? why? :((((( now, she is depending on her mum and brother and her only boyfriend. insya'Allah nothing more will happen. nothing more. she had enuf. really enuf. yes, you are leading a happy life now. really happy. and mum just said he is proud of u and stuff. i will make u suffer. you dont know the meaning of justice, i guess? just wait. ive never asked for more, but just to be happy. and i know i can achieve happiness soon. in fact, im alr happy with my fam and dearest boyfriend. but its you whu keep haunting me in my mind. sigh.

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