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~20 july babe, and im proud of my mum fer bringing me up,alone:") ~attached & belongs to the best xx ~i have suffer too many setback. bring it on. i will stay strong P3221562-horz eee d f e w

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{Happy 2nd anni temok/}
Monday12:13 AM
5th August 2013
How fast time flies. it seems like just yesterday we turned 18 yrs old. and now we are already 20. it seems like just yesterday we are still single, having all the freedom in our life, not getting attached to anyone. and look how funny reality is, 2 years have passed w/o us realising it.
heheh today marks our 2nd year being together, 730 days together, 24 months together. hahahahaha funny how the person i thought would just be an ordinary friend is my boyfriend. funny how the person who doesnt attract me at all back then is the one i find attractive most now. funny how i wont even wanna meet him back then when  now i just wish we would never be apart.

I swear i can proudly say ive seen him change from a (mat rep) to a matured young man. not that extreme kind of mat rep, cos no no i obviusly wouldnt even date a mat rep hehe. its like those mat rep which just lepak and wear that rantai (the pic he wearing) hahahaha and those band idk wht la. i swear im so happy tht he is wht he is now. more abang2  with his polo t or baju smart (suke gile wen he wear smart)
look how far he have change in term of appearance! im so happy hehe. this relationship have grows alot. like really alot. time flies fast, he's already ending his ns. and im pretty much proud never once i took advantage of his trust while he's in there.
to be honest, i can actually say we have more ups rather than down in our relationship/ nope, we did fight. but both of us really knw wen to push away our ego, just to make sure things will be ok at tht very mmnt. our fight wont even last for more than a day. god bless us. he can be very egoistic. the him which i knew 2 years ago is someone who cannot tegur sikit, who mati2 nak menang jugak. idk, somehow or rather, (maybe i managed to bring down his ego) hehe. idk but slowly he's becoming perfect :')

2 years. raya with him two yrs straight. puasa with him three years straight. celebrated his 18th,19th & 20th birthday. outing with my family for birthday, dinners. getaway with my family. participating in my family event. staying over at my house. dinner with his family. raya visiting each other family. break-fast with his family. getaway with him.
I may not be the first he did everything with. which is obviusly imposible. My only wish is so ill be the only one now he'll do all these with. InsyaAllah, he'll stay with me not only 2 years but till we realised our dream, marriage, kids and till our last breathe, InsyaAllah.

I shall say i do not regret getting back togther with him. no regrets at all. maybe things change during that rough period, but he came back. he came back realising what i have tht maybe she dont. im bless and happy. tbh he's my only source of happiness currntly. yes. only him. i thank him for staying. really thank him.

Happy 2nd year anni my dear md aliff haidar. please realise u r already perfect. perfect enuf to turn my boring day into an exciting one, a lonely night to a romantic night, a moody me to a cheerful girl. if u want to be more perfect, u know wht i dont like. minus off all that and tada u r perfectly perfect hehe. happy 24th mnths, haix cant beleive i spent my teenhood with you hahhahaha. i love you temok.
p.s it feels like a dream in july. met you almost everday adding up to the reason why im so happy we are alr 2 year 2geder hehe.

Ill be faithful to you and love you as long as we are tgether, that i swear. i love you tyg

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{boyf 20th birthday/}
Friday1:56 PM
26 july, my boyfriend turns 20!!
he book a 3 days 2 night chalet, and god bless him cos my bursary money came just a day before his birthday :') at least thrs tht much thing i cn do for him.

went over to his chalet at semb home team ns on the first day itself and breakfast with him and daniel there. hahaha lucky daniel bring hsi ps3 along, if not i swear both of them would be dying of boredom. yup i spent my time sleeping there cos u know the aircon and the bed is just so.................perfect i swear hehe. around 9pm or so shilah came over. and we decided to take a walk outside and i swear the surrounding of the chalet is rly nothing which is not a good place la. headed back to chalet and we slept, challenged fun run and stuff till 1am.
i headed back home as...............my boyf action hahaha.

before that,  went over to vivo city and treated him fish & co for his birthday. hahahahah i swear we like budak gemok. we literally ordered alot like for 4-5 people punye makan. and cost us a total of $110 hahahaha. gemok gile. and the waiter even asked us 'boleh abes ke?' hahahah.
(photo with my boyf, why!!)

so his chalet was on the saturday and i met him around 2 at his chalet.
i swear i had a hard time texting his frens and stuff to come cos.................well most couldnt make it. i promised myself to make his birthday a good one and i swear i was dispointed with myself wen everyone replied thy couldnt came.
thank god i managed to actually text some of his kendarat mate and thy can make it yay hehe :> so i planned with thm alot of thing but i swear my plan failed meh.
so tbh this board were supposed to be done befre thy reach the chalet but yup plan failed but thank god we managed to go to the room and do it there hehehe.
so hi let the picture do the talking


Managed to buy the cake and do up this board, suprises thanks to them. thanks thanks thanks thanks!!

dorang mintak kene marah cos the cake ade a small percentage of alcohol haissssss. is ok is ok cos i never eat heh heh tapi hais.

 hahahahhaha to be honest plan was kind of fail cos when kita nak light up the candle we perasan we dnt have lighter??? so i hav to go and take lighter then he said he already saw someone shoe??? and i told bf no one turn up but fazery already told him we dekat bilik???? wah wah geram gitu ahahhaha.

Really thankful that his frens did come. as much as he didnt said he was expecting them, i knw he did. im so happy so happy cos he is happy hehe.



hehe the boyfwen and girlfwen *.*


when we use self timer............nope never gonna have a perfect group photo hahar


my temok is happy yay hehe

Both the couples went off around 10pm. yup 10pm. and all of us planned to go home to actually. we help him to put all his stuff in the room and..................................tada............ everyone lay on the bed and semue malas nak balik hahahhaha. told u the bed damn comfy hahahahah

So all really wanna go home alr as its already gg 12 mdnight. and my boyf being all manja asked me to stay, cos if i stay all would stay? idk ahhahah. so yup ended up we all overnight there:">
later around 12 his fren came over to meet him there. so we all decided to somehow have a so called night walk but a fail one ah ahhahaha.
his fren left around 2 plus. and all of us decided to turn in. really cute la. cos all 8 of us squeeze onto one bed?????
yup and no idea how but my bf really did managed to sleep?? hahahah.
it was a good 3 day for my boyf. i can see tht. im really thankful to everyone who came. you came and made his day. that just make me happy :')
thank you thank you thank you korang!!!!!!


Happy belated 20th boyf. i hope you did have a memorable birthday celebration. i couldnt do much but i hope these will stays in your memory. bless you in everythng you do. you're smart guy, you'll go far and ill always be here for you :")
i love you and i love you hehe

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